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KY Congressman Andy Barr, Original Co-Sponsor of HR 5614,recently visited NoteSchool’s Headquarters in Southlake TX to meet with members of the Texas 100. Here Barr is listening to the members discuss the latest happenings in the Seller finance industry over coffee. Pictured L to R David Fenoglio, TX 100 Board member, Congressman Barr, Bob Repass, TX 100 Board member
Stephen P. Munisteri, Deputy Assistant to the President with Mitch Stephen
Paul O’Dwyer – Congressman TX Republican Lamar Smith – Mike Powell DEMOCRATIC Congressman Vincent Gonzales (D-Tx) announces he is going to support the “SELLER FINANCE ENHANCEMENT ACT!”
Congressman Roger Williams first introduced the “Seller Finance Enhancement Act” alongside Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar. Here is a picture of Henry Cuellar addressing our group personally May 2018
Senator Mike Rounds (R-Tx) 
Congressman Scott Tipton (R-CO) 
Congressman Tom Emmer (R-MN) supports H. R. 1360 and let’s us know in person!

In a 9-3 vote, the Sunset Commission today voted to maintain the Texas Department of Savings & Mortgage Lending as a stand alone agency as it currently exists.  This is thanks in large part to the grassroots support and strategic work of the Texas Land Developers Association and their lobbyist, Chuck Rice. 

After months of monitoring the issue, targeting key members of the commission and reaching out via letters and emails, the Commission sided with TLDA and stakeholders to keep the agency intact rather than collapsing it under the Department of Banking.  Congratulations to the agency, and to our members for a successful win leading into the legislative session.  This sets the stage for more victories for our industry and further strengthens our relationship with the agency and policy makers.  Thank you for your continued support and assistance on this important task. 



Read Proposed Bill – SB 42 – As Filed

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9 NOV 2018

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Important Update from the Governor of Texas

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